4 of the Best International NBA Players to Watch in Rio

Although the United States is the heavy favorite in this year’s summer olympics it is important to note that the other teams in the pool are stacked with NBA favorites as well and will certainly make this year’s a games a must-watch event. Here are 4 of the top international NBA players in this year’s olympics.

Pau Gasol- Spain
San Antonio Spurs

Whenever you think Spanish Basketball, you think of the Gasol brothers. Pau has been been a dominate force  for the Spanish since joining them in 2001, During his tenure he has won won 2 Silver Medals in Olympic Competition and 4 Gold Medals in Non-Olympic Competition. Although there was skepticism that he would not play it has been verified that this will be his 4th olympics, adding to the extensive list of reasons of why he is the most decorated Spanish Basketball Player ever. His experience brings great strength to the Spanish Team, which will look to disrupt this year’s pool.

Tony Parker- France
San Antonio Spurs

Although Parker is a native of Belgium he was raised in France and has played internationally for the French since early 1997. During his time, Parker has won two Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold all at the famous FIBA EuroBasket. He has also been named FIBA Europe player of the year twice (2013, 2014). As if that wasn’t enough, Parker is also #5 on list of most points scored in French history. He will be participating in his second and last olympics and will look to verify his part in French Basketball History

Andrew Bogut- Australia
Dallas Mavericks

Andrew Bogut has begun to solidify his role in the NBA and will look to do so this year in Rio. Bogut is playing in his third olympics, giving him arguably the most experience on the Australian roster. Although Bogut is a late addition to the roster as he is recovering from injury, he will look to continue his dominance in the rebounds and blocked shots. Bogut will play alongside fellow Australian NBA Final Competitor Matthew Dellavedova.

Manu Ginobili- Argentina
San Antonio Spurs

Manu Ginobili has paved the way for the Argentinian Basketball team over the past decade representing the country in any opportunity that he could. Ginobili won a historic Gold Medal in 2004 when the Argentinians were the first team other than the United States to win Gold in more that 15 years. But his resume does not stop there, Ginobili has led the team in scoring and assists multiple times throughout his tenure. Much like team USA star Carmelo Anthony, this will be Ginobili’s fourth and final olympic appearance.