About Allan Oulate

Allan Oulate is a financial consultant with over a decade of experience. He grew up in Ivory Coast in West Africa and moved to the United States to attend Pomona College in Claremont, California. After earning a B.A. in Economics in 2001, Allan decided to stay in the United States because of Ivory Coast’s growing civil war. He immediately got a job as a financial representative at Northwestern Mutual, where he would stay for the next ten years.

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In 2011 Allan left Northwestern Mutual to create his own company, Oulate Financial. Because he had experience in both offensive and defensive planning, Allan knew he could help individuals step-by-step towards planning out the best financial decisions for any situation. As the company grew, his love and support for his own growing family motivated him to provide the best possible financial security to multigenerational families.

“What I truly enjoy is working with families and businesses, and seeing growth in the family or business from start to current,” Allan says. This means that he’s all about building long-term relationships with his clients and getting involved in financial planning on both professional and personal levels. His children even spend time with his clients’ children; that’s how much importance Allan places on client-consultant interaction and, above all, trust.

Allan is inspired by seeing his clients build brighter, better futures. When he sees his hard work come to life– for example, when his financial strategies make it possible for his clients’ children to attend college– it makes all the planning worth it.

Allan is also still passionate about where he grew up, and he avidly follows political and cultural news from Ivory Coast. He wants his family members who still live there to grow up in a strong, stable environment, and is interested in the nation’s success both on a local scale and within the global economy. Since the end of the civil war and the country’s current climb back to success, Allan hopes to share political knowledge and inspire people about Ivory Coast’s growing prominence in West Africa.

In addition to finance and politics, Allan is interested in basketball and soccer, which he played in his schooldays in Ivory Coast.