The Olympics- What You Need to Know

With the countdown to the olympics ticking down, fans from all over are gearing up to cheer on their countries participating down in Rio. Here is everything you need to know before the games begin.



The olympics officially start Friday, August 5th with the official olympics opening ceremony and will close officially on Saturday, August 21st with the closing ceremony. The ceremonies will take place in the famous Maracana Football Stadium.



The 2016 summer olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or “Rio” for short. Rio was chose officially after beating out Madrid, Chicago and Tokyo in the 2009 voting. This is the first time that South America will be hosting the Olympics.


About The Games

This year’s games include 206 countries from all over the world competing in 42 different sports. Golf will return to the olympics after a 112 year absence, and rugby as well after 92 years. The construction in Rio was set to be finished on July 1st, however experts say it won’t officially be complete until the opening ceremonies. The 2016 games have brought more than 90,000 jobs to Brazil, providing a much needed economic boost to the area. Many of the newest additions have concrete plans to be utilized after the games, revitalizing the city in a point where they needed it most. Some corporate sponsors that have sponsored the revitalization include Coca-Cola, General Electric and Dow. All of which have sponsored other projects in the city of Rio.


5 Fun Facts About This Year’s Games


  1. The 2016 Olympics will be the first to include athletes born in the year of 2000, most of which will be in Diving and Gymnastics.


  1. The United States of America took the most Athletes to the 2012 games with the exception of the host, and is expected to maintain that statistic this year in Rio.


  1. The Security force at Rio will be double that of the 2012 games in London and is the largest security force ever put together in the history of Brazil.


  1. This year’s games will feature for the first time, a team of 5-10 refugees that are expected to compete under the Olympic Flag.


  1. 60,000 meals a day will be required to feed the athletes, their meals will be mostly brazilian style offerings.